Rahul Ramesh


I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania advised by Pratik Chaudhari. I work on building and understanding representation learning methods for neural networks.

I spent summer 2023 with NTT Research at the Harvard Center for Brain Science and worked on language models and in-context learning with Hidenori Tanaka. Previously, I interned at Amazon AI labs and worked on pre-trained models for image classification with Avinash Ravichandran and Aditya Deshpande.

I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2019 with a Dual degree (Bachelor’s and Master’s) in computer science with a minor in physics. I was advised by Balaraman Ravindran and worked on building hierarchical abstractions for reinforcement learning.

Select Publications

A Picture of the Space of Typical Learnable Tasks
ICML 2023

Model Zoo: A Growing Brain that Learns Continually
Rahul Ramesh, Pratik Chaudhari
ICLR 2022

The Value of Out-of-distribution Data
ICML 2023

Deep Reference Priors: What is the best way to pretrain a model?
Yansong Gao*, Rahul Ramesh*, Pratik Chaudhari
ICML 2022